If you’ve ever had to call a 24-hour locksmith in Singapore, it’s probably because you locked yourself out of your car or flat. Interestingly enough, lost or misplaced keys aren’t the only reasons why locksmiths get calls in the wee hours of the day. Let’s look at some of the most surprising and often overlooked situations that lead people to seek the assistance of a locksmith in Singapore

1.Dislodged Locks 

Even if you have a key, locks can malfunction, preventing entry or, worse, exits. A dislodged lock occurs when the locking mechanism slides out of place, making it impossible to use the key. This can occur due to various reasons, such as physical force, damage, age, or an internal malfunction. Dislodged locks can occur anytime or anywhere, even in modern buildings. Last year, a mother and her baby were trapped inside a nursing room in Bedok because of a dislodged lock. After multiple failed attempts at sawing and cutting open the faulty lock, the owners of the building had to call in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to rescue the two. This is a good example of why you should always call a professional 24-hour locksmith in Singapore if a lock is jammed. Trying to pry open doors with household items often only makes things worse. 

2.Forgotten Combinations or Passwords

Forgot the password to your email? Just reset it. But if you forget the combination or passcode to a digital lock, things can get scary. While it is possible to reset the password to a smart lock, this process is not as straightforward as changing the password of an app. That is because most reliable smart locks are designed to prevent strangers from doing just that. While some digital locks allow users to reset combinations by referring to the manual, in most cases, you will need help from either the manufacturer or a professional locksmith to regain access. Waiting for the manufacturer to respond could take weeks, which is why most opt to call a nearby locksmith instead. 

3.Key Extraction

When you come home in a hurry, you may shove the key inside the door lock without thinking twice. In some cases, especially with aged locks, the key may break inside the locking mechanism, creating all kinds of problems for home and vehicle owners. Locksmiths can swoop in to help with fancy tools that either extract the key or remove the lock (if all else fails). Calling a locksmith for a broken key may help you avoid the cost of replacing the lock. 

4.Locked Safes 

Many households in Singapore rely on small safes to protect valuables and important documents. More often than not, people lock their items in the safe, leave it in a room for months, and forget the combination. If you are ever in this situation, you will need to call a 24-hour locksmith in Singapore

A professional can open a safe without dismantling it, which is what typically happens when owners try to use household items, like crowbars, to pry them open. A locksmith can help with both mechanical and digital safes. For digital safes, a locksmith can recover the passcode or revert it to factory settings. For mechanical locks, a professional may resort to the dark arts of safe picking (as seen in many Hollywood movies about bank heists) if there is no way to reset the combination. In any case, a proper locksmith can help you get your safe open and recover valuables without endangering your privacy. 

5.Unexpected Security Issues 

Broken or jammed locks are not the only reason to contact a 24-hour locksmith in Singapore. You may need to call one even if your locks are doing fine. Although modern locks are designed with safety in mind, they are not completely immune to tampering. If you suspect a breach on your property, immediately call a locksmith to rekey all entrances. Locksmiths can also help you upgrade outdated locks if they fail to prevent break-ins at your property. In some cases, technical failures may register as security problems, especially with certain smart locks. Locksmiths can help you troubleshoot such problems as well, ensuring peace of mind for the whole family. 

Call SJL Lock Solutions to Promptly Resolve All Lock-Related Problems

Whether you are locked in or out of something, lost a key, or facing an emergency, SJL Lock Solutions can resolve the issue without delay. Our professional and skilled locksmiths are always on standby to address unexpected lockouts. We can open, rekey, or reset any digital or mechanical lock in Singapore. Call us on our hotline at +65 9856 5990 for fast responses and effective outcomes. 

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